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Dublin and Game of Thrones – 7 Nights

What you will see

  • Tour of Dublin
  • Glasnevin Cemetery Museum
  • Writers Museum
  • The Old City in Temple Bar
  • Tollymore Forest Park
  • Inch Abbey
  • Castle Ward
  • Titanic Belfast
  • Cairncastle
  • Shillanavogy Valley
  • Cushendall
  • Ballycastle
  • Ballintoy Harbour
  • Murlough Bay
  • The Dark Hedges
  • Giant’s Causeway
  • Bushmills Distillery

What you will experience

  • Discover spectacular Game of Thrones™ locations:
    • The home of House Stark: Winterfell and where Robb Stark’s army was forced to make camp enroute to The Twins
    • Take aim with live arrows on the Castle Ward grounds
    • The Dark Hedges, an atmospheric avenue of beech trees used to depict the Kingsroad, which was usually plagued by bandits and thieves
    • Where the three Night’s Watch men ride into the Haunted Forest and fall foul of a dreaded White Walker
    • Where Catelyn Stark came to negotiate a treaty with the dastardly Walder Frey in his riverbank castle, The Twins, and the place ofHoster Tully’s funeral
    • The home to Odin and Thor, the Direwolf puppies that the Stark family discovered in series one
    • Where Ned Stark took his long-sword Ice and struck off the head of a Night’s Watch deserter, as John, Bran, Rob and Theon looked on
    • Where the ferocious Dothraki hoard set up camp and the swaying grasslands of Vaes Dothrak
    • Where Melisandre gave birth to the monstrous “shadow baby” that was Renly’s undoing
    • The sleepy little port which was transformed into the rugged Iron Islands for Theon’s homecoming scene and where Lady Melisandre was back to doing what she does best: playing with fire
    • Theon’s unconventional horseback ride with his sister Yara, and the scene where Davos is rescued after the Battle of Blackwater
  • Enjoy a panoramic tour of Dublin City
  • Gain a valuable insight into a Victorian burial place of the men and women who have helped shape Ireland’s past and present
  • Learn about James Joyce’s life and writing and explore Dublin’s immense literary heritage
  • Journey into the heart of the world famous GUINNESS® brand and company
  • Explore one of the oldest parts of Dublinrich in Viking and medieval history and culture
  • See one of Europe’s oldest built theatres, one of Ireland’s smallest and one of the best examples of a Victorian theatre
  • Discover an eclectic mix of independent boutiques, stores and cafes
  • Witness the jaw-dropping Giant’s Causeway, an iconic location of myth and magic in Northern Ireland
  • Enjoy a dram of Irish Whiskey

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