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Cornwall Group Tours

Cornwall Tour –History, Myth...

Cornwall Tour –History, Mythology and Culture – 7 Nights

Discover an iconic rocky island crowned by a medieval church and castle. Be captivated at the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. Visit a world famous open-air theatre. See an enchanting jumble of cottages, each one unmistakably the work of a Cornish fisherman. Vi...

Cornwall: Villages and Cathedr...

Cornwall: Villages and Cathedrals – 4 Nights

Enjoy a tour to Cornwall with its quaint villages and towns, spectacular cathedrals and palaces and stunning landmarks. Visit the most historically interesting towns in Britain. Wander through a charming Cornish fishing village and a small town visited by many artists. E...

King Arthur – Cornwall a...

King Arthur - Cornwall and Wales - 9 nights

Learn about the legends and the history of King Arthur and see the greatest symbol of medieval mythology: the Round Table, the body of water into which Sir Bedivere threw the Excalibur sword, a megalithic site said to be King Arthur's tomb. Visit medieval castles, ...

London and Cornwall – 8 nights

London and Cornwall - 8 nights

Admire medieval harbour towns and quaint Cornish villages paved with cobbled streets and inhabited by wandering donkeys. Enjoy dramatic sea views from castle ruins which have inspired artists and writers throughout history. Experience one of the most mysterious estates i...

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